About Us

Company Profile
World Chart (Hong Kong) Limited, head office in Hong Kong to offices across China, It is a Sourcing and Product Supply Chain Management Company. The company’s sourcing business covers products such as small home appliances.

We provide services to assist our customers smooth their business in terms of Products Sourcing、Factory Screening、Price Negotiation、Quality-Control、Inspection and Logistics Arrangement .

We regard our customers and suppliers as long-term partners; we rely on more than “just” top quality, and competitive pricing. Fairness and trust are equally important to us – it is our conviction that this is what forms the basis for a successful long-term business relationship.
Our aim is to be an extension for our business partners. Our success is only measured by your success.

Our Services
World Chart provides a flexible business model, and meets the client by:

  •  Developing opportunities to lower product acquisition and operating cost;
  •  Enabling clients to consolidate their supply chain;
  •  Maintaining extensive, strong overseas relationships;
  •  Providing regulatory compliance analysis and assistance;
  •  Executing clients quality control parameters to insure consistency;
  •  Enabling clients to attain positive results.

Contact Us

Address: Unit 1, 7/F., Royal Commercial Centre, No. 56 Parkes St., Kowloon, H.K..

Tel.: +852 2327 0321

Fax: +852 2327 0130

Email: info@worldchart-hk.com